Do you personal your personal Mobile Property and rent in a Park? Did you know you reside month to month at the mercy of the park owners? Does your rent get raised and raised and raised? What can you do to safeguard your self from becoming homeless? If you are reading this short article you are the owner of a Mobile Property and rent in a Mobile Property Park.

You are at the mercy of the park owner. At the owners whim – you and your households rent could be raised so higher that you will actually be booted out into the street. The park owner will not blink and eye or shed a tear when you are standing on a corner in dirty, torn clothes with a can in your hand begging for revenue. HOW DID THIS Take place? When there is no rent handle implemented – this occurs every day more than and more than once more. In a senior park exactly where the Mobile Property Owners are living for the most aspect on a fixed earnings what do you do when the mail box roars in with a letter from the owner reading, “”its time to feed me once more?””

In other words your rent is getting raised. Spend up or shut up and move. In most instances this signifies significantly less meals for the senior, no medicine for the reason that the rent comes very first and foremost. Do you know how a lot it expenses to move your mobile dwelling? Also a lot – extra revenue than most of us have laying about in our bank account. The only recourse is to move away from your dwelling which you have lived in for years. This was your dwelling- your safety – and exactly where all your revenue was tied up. Now it is gone. Vanished forever. Mobile Property Owners that reside in Senior or Loved ones Parks, we require to do a thing ahead of it occurs to you and me. It is currently occurred more than and more than once more.

Now what occurs when our dwelling is actually stolen appropriate from beneath our noses. Some of us land on the street – homeless – and some who are fortunate can migrate to living with family members. WARNING: WARNING: WARNING: The “”Safeguard Our Houses Act”” (POHA) will be on the November 7, 2006 ballot. WE DO NOT WANT THIS TO WIN. But they have currently have accumulated more than 1 million signatures. If the (POHA) wins RENT Handle gets flushed down the toilet.

Let us hear from you what ever your story. This web page puts out a month-to-month newsletter that keeps all mobile dwelling owners alerted to what our elected in government officials are into. We have a voice as lengthy as we stick with each other. We are all in this with each other. WE Will need RENT Handle. WE Will need RENT Handle. WE Will need RENT Handle. Thank you for reading my short article. Please really feel free of charge to study all my other articles. Copyright 2006 Linda Meckler Linda lives in a senior mobile dwelling park. She knows very first hand what we are fighting so difficult for. “Ghost Youngsters Trilogy, is Linda’s very first published book.

Christy, 12 and her Brother Brad, 16 moves into an old residence on prime of a mountain and meet two Ghost Youngsters. Turn into involved with all the characters and all the adventure and mystery. Then we have a mysterious, magical Blue Vase with Uncle Charlie the villain is trapped. He desires out of the Blue Vase and exchange he will inform Christy and Brad exactly where Pirates’ Treasure is Hidden. Take a stroll with Christy and Brad down a dark hall hunting for Pirates” Treasure. You will believe had been you there appropriate there with them. Enjoy, Loved ones Values and Charity burst off the pages.